PCR testing AT HOME IS HERE! At home collection of saliva via zoom meeting. Non-invasive, suitable for children due to amount of saliva required (1ml). If you can find lab reported PCR testing cheaper anywhere let me know!

What our Clients Say...

"Easy and convenient"

27/04/22 "When traveling back to New Zealand from a holiday on the Gold Coast I used Deena's supervised RAT service over zoom. Deena's service was really simple to use and her communication was clear and friendly. Would definitely recommend her services to a anybody needing a supervised RAT to come home to New Zealand."  Katie J, New Zealand

"No issues USA"

28/4/22 "We performed out tests in front of Deena via Zoom and once completed and negative the certificates were sent to us straight away. The real bonus was being able to do these again in San Francisco to return home with Deena online. Very easy, efficient and an excellent service. This took all the stress out of what can be a daunting task to complete prior to travel "  Vicky D, New Zealand

"I was sceptical" 

 29/04/2022  - "I was sceptical - but this process was so easy and relaxed. Deena talked us through every step. It's definitely easy using a laptop as you can easily tilt the screen while doing the test. We put the meeting on mute while the test developed and Deena kept watching the tests, so we just got on with packing! After 15 minutes we came back and within 15 minutes we had our Certificates"  Hildegrath Family, New Zealand

"Bank holiday -  no stress!"

 30/04/2022 "Deena provides a convenient, efficient and excellent service to ensure you meet the travel criteria of having a Supervised R.A.T.S Covid test. It's available anytime you require and in the comfort of your own home. I was unsure how, when or where, we were going to do ours because we were due to fly out on ANZAC day and nothing was open in Whangarei. Deena solved that and we were able to conduct our test, stress-free. Thank you for offering this service at a really great cost compared to others who just take advantage of ppl traveling. I highly recommend Deena's services and give  a 10/10 A+ rating. Thank you and appreciate your assistance "  Charlene W, New Zealand


03/05/2022 "I Highly recommend Deena's service! She made our whole experience so easy and stress free. So handy being able to use her for both our departure and arrival tests over zoom or in person. Would recommended for anyone travelling internationally."   Bree S, New Zealand


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