PCR testing AT HOME IS HERE! At home collection of saliva via zoom meeting. Non-invasive, suitable for children due to amount of saliva required (1ml). If you can find lab reported PCR testing cheaper anywhere let me know!

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NZ Covid guidelines for travel

I'm flying INTO NZ - is supervised RAT testing allowed?

New Zealand no longer requires pre-departure testing as of 201June 2022

Here are all NZ entry requirements in full:

Pre-departure tests to enter New Zealand | Unite against COVID-19 (covid19.govt.nz)


How does it work?

1: Have your flight details and passport ready, and send an enquiry on the contact form if you have any questions about days and times Contact

2: Fill in a  Booking Form (free to submit). One per person travelling who needs a test. I will contact you by email to confirm dates and times for your booking 

3: Visit the online shop to safely pay for the number of tests you want, and enter a coupon code if you have one there

4: you will immediately receive easy instructions, a receipt, and then a day before your test a zoom link (or other platform if you prefer) will be sent. 

5: have a test that you've purchased at a retail store or pharmacy with the sachet containing the test strip unopened. I will check that and your passport before we start the test on the day.

6: Within minutes of your test you will receive a PDF certificate by email which gets uploaded to your travel documentation. 

How can a PCR be done by zoom meeting?

The traveller picks up a test tube collection kit from one of 70 collection points (see PCR test page for interactive map)

I have emailled you a form to package up with your sample which you drop off at your convenenience

I zoom supervise your sample collection, identification and documentation and your lab certified result is emailled to you the next day. 

What Countries still accept RAT tests for entry?

 For flying OUT from NZ, the following Countries have no requirement for a test or vaccinations at all: Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Latvia, Serbia, Ireland, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Maderia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Iceland, Sweden, Montenegro, Denmark, Moldova, Hungary, United Kingdom, Romania, and Solvenia , USA

What if I recently had Covid-19?

This often means the traveller may still test positive despite having recovered and no longer in isolation. Here's a link to NZ Govt guidelines of what to do. 

You will need to have a medical examination by a doctor or a travel clinic, and get a medical Certificate to say you're not infectious or symptomatic. The Certificate must also state when your last positive test was recorded

Its very important for the traveller to carefully check specific Country requirements if you have had Covid recently, these guidelines apply to New Zealand entry and may not apply to your Country of destination

I cannot advise you in any way on this matter

How do I work out my flight time from overseas to NZST?

This is necessary to help me with my booking times here in NZ for your test.

If you are in a different time zone for your flight, it is most important your time of departure is in NZST (New Zealand time) below is a handy link to help with this. 

Just add Auckland, and the place you are currently in, then enter the time and date of your flight departure by clicking the boxes.

Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator (timeanddate.com)

Is it safe to pay using this website?

Yes, we use Stripe payment system and are using SSL security for the website data as well. 

Stripe is encrypted, and our website never receives your credit card information. 

You can check our terms and conditions here: Terms & Conditions | NZ Witnessed Rat tests (rocketspark.co.nz)


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