PCR testing AT HOME IS HERE! At home collection of saliva via zoom meeting. Non-invasive, suitable for children due to amount of saliva required (1ml). If you can find lab reported PCR testing cheaper anywhere let me know!


Banner picture: Onsen Hot pools and Spa, Queenstown

poor guy

So Vanuatu only introduced RAT testing last week after they opened borders, but did not publicise well the new Rat Test requirement. This guy lives in Vanuatu, was here  for a holiday and rang me in a panic as was prevented boarding thismorning. Luckily I was able to he...
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Get your supervised RAT test sorted at home

Samoa is opening up! Pre-departure Rat test within 24 hours or PCR within 48 hours of Departure required, and nothing to return to NZ. Fully vaccinated travellers only (at least 2 weeks prior to travel) also. Here's the rules. So my RAT tests meet all these requirements, are...
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Times are changin...

June 22, 2022

as Pre departure testing fades away, there is still a need for testing in places...

Some Countries such as Vanuatu, French Polynesia, Samoa, Niue, (and some Countries for unvaccinated travellers eg Phillipines), still require testing before travel.  But what I didn't realise or consider, was that sports teams competing may need to have official tests t...
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What a journey!

May 3, 2022

Everything happens for a reason

Well it's been quite the fortnight for change! A nasty tumble over a shoe in the dark resulted in a knee cartilage tear which has had me hobbled at home rattling around. I'm used to a mad crazy nursey schedule and its weird to be idle!  I have been testing and vaccinati...
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