PCR testing AT HOME IS HERE! At home collection of saliva via zoom meeting. Non-invasive, suitable for children due to amount of saliva required (1ml). If you can find lab reported PCR testing cheaper anywhere let me know!

My Story

My business story

Hi, my name is Deena, and I'm a registered nurse in New Zealand. 

When travel began to open up, I noticed that many people were having difficulty obtaining Supervised RAT tests. Some were even having to pay for a PCR test if they couldn't access a RAT test.

Timezones and geography make the 24 hour window a lot more difficult, and airport services are expensive!

I wanted to make travel less stressful for friends and family, and things just grew from there! 

Meet the team

You will see me on your Zoom meeting

Deena Cardon, Registered Nurse

I have been a registered nurse for 7 years, and my background is Operating Theatres, Community Covid Vaccinating and Travel Tests. I am registered with NZ Nursing Council Registration 190221

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